Drive the SkyWay™.

SkyWay™ is an onboard, intelligent communication service connecting you with your car or truck — through the combined power of satellite and cellular technology. It’s reliable, user–friendly and works on both new and used vehicles.

SkyWay can help you protect your family and secure your vehicle, virtually anywhere in the U.S.

At the heart of SkyWay is an advanced, stolen vehicle recovery service that can find your car and help police track it – live! Thatís our standard feature.

And when you upgrade to SkyWay Advantage, you can also manage your car, even if you’re thousands of miles away and someone else is driving it. For example, you can:

  • Find out where your vehicle is or has been at all times
  • Unlock your car door by phone or the Web
  • Keep tabs on an adventurous teenage driver with speed alerts

SkyWay is an option you canít afford to live without – and SkyWay Advisors are always available to serve you, 24/7, online or on the phone.

Safe. Smart. Connected. That’s driving the SkyWay!

Latest Features!

At SkyWay, we're constantly striving to improve our service offering for you. Learn more about some of our newest features available right now!


Save on Car Insurance

When you buy your SkyWay service product,not only will you be getting peace of mind, but you may also save on your auto insurance.


SmartAlert, a SkyWay product, has been chosen as a licensed accessory by the Ford Motor Company.