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Secure Your Vehicle.

SmartAlert, a Ford Licensed Accessory, is an onboard communication product and vehicle recovery service that helps you protect your car and your loved ones. Using GPS technology, it provides Early Theft Detection and Stolen Vehicle Recovery—virtually anywhere you go*—to help you recover your car if it’s stolen.

You can also choose this same system with an upgraded service package, SmartAlert Advantage, which delivers Vehicle Tracking and Speed Alerts so you know where your car is and how fast it’s traveling when someone else is behind the wheel—like your teenager or employee.

Here’s how our two service products compare:
SmartAlert Features SmartAlert SmartAlert
Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Vehicle Recovery Guarantee
Early Theft Detection  
Historical Location & Live Tracking  
Monthly Reports  
Speed Alerts  
Locate / Track  
Remote Door Unlock **  
Zone Alerts  

*Service depends on available cellular and GPS coverage in the U.S.

**Not available on all vehicles.

SmartAlert, a SkyWay product, has been chosen as a licensed accessory by the Ford Motor Company.